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Things you should carry in your man-handbag

Man bags or handbags are quickly becoming trendiest men fashion of the year. These bags talk. They talk about your personality. Whether you are carrying your belongings in a funky colorful bag or a leather executive bag says everything about you. However, what you carry inside talks more about you and tells more about who you really are.

A standard man handbag usually carries a laptop, wallet and smartphone, but there is a lot more that you can put in there. Some of the stuff would help you every time you’re stuck in traffic or waiting on a subway. Some other stuff that you put in might prove to be extremely helpful when you run into an emergency meeting. It’s important to know what you can stock and how it can help you someday. After all, you don’t have just a wallet like century-old men but you got a big bag now that can carry a lot of stuff for you.

Here is a list of things you can put in your handbag and turn it into a super-bag. You’ll make women jealous of all the space you got inside you bag and how you got it covered. Just follow these tips.

A cheap but loud pair of earphones/headphones

Depending on whether you use headphones or earphones, you’d love to put a decent pair of them in your handbag. You don’t want to put some expensive pair in your handbag because you’re going to take it out on the road and on the subways. You don’t want to risk breaking it or losing it when having to pack all of a sudden.

A USB cable with a micro-USB end

A USB cable has become so universal that carrying it is like having a Swiss-knife with you all the times. You can charge just about everything from your phone to your e-cigarette with a USB cable. It has truly become universal. Cary one with a micro-USB end so that you can plug it into any device.

A USB will let you connect your mobile to your laptop anywhere you want. You can use it to charge your mobile or transfer files to your laptop. You can also charge various other devices using your USB cable.

An umbrella

You’d wonder if you can really carry in an umbrella in a handbag but if you look at some of the handbags for men, you’d know that you can actually put a smart umbrella in there. It could be really handy especially when you live somewhere you can’t trust weather.

A water bottle

Nothing can replace a water bottle when you need it. You can easily carry one in your handbag. You will find a lot of options when it comes to buying a reusable water bottle. They are cheap and green unlike disposable bottles. They can be used over and over again and you can put them back in your bag for later use.

An e-reader

A smartphone is still to go a long way to replace your favorite Kindle Reader. How about putting one in your handbag so that you can always have something to read when you have to sit somewhere waiting for something to happen.